Louisville Chapter Governance 

The Louisville IIBA Chapter is governed by Board of Directors. Each board member is nominated from within the local chapter membership and is elected by a simple majority vote. A board member generally serves a two year term, starting from the date of election. Elections are held annually at the chapter general meeting, held in February of each year. The terms of each of the officers is staggered so that there will always be at least two returning board members in a given year. By staggering elections, we provide the chapter with greater stability and allow the newly elected board members time to acclimate to their new positions.

The board consists of the following positions:


 Election Cycle

 Next Election Year

 President  Odd  2017
 Secretary   Even  2018
 Treasurer  Odd  2017
 Vice President of Professional Development  Even  2018
 Vice President of Communications  Odd  2017
 Vice President of Membership Services  Even  2018
 Vice President of Marketing  Even  2017

In order to run for an office, the person must be a member in good standing with both the IIBA and the local chapter. The person does not need to be CBAP certified to hold office.