Become our IIBA® Chapter Sponsor

Sponsorship s a big part of the IIBA. Without our corporate partners, we would not have the reach and impact that we do. We appreciate all our sponsors and their contribution, both their time and financial input, as we work to be the best resource for BAs in our area.

Are you considering becoming a sponsor to the Louisville IIBA chapter? Check out our Contact Us page and select Sponsor the Louisville IIBA from the Subject list.




TEK Systems 

TEKsystems is our primary chapter patron, providing us with a regular meeting place, along with yummy treats on which to snack during the meeting. Beyond a place to hang our collective hats, they have helped place several of our members into excellent employers in the city.

V-soft Consulting Group, Inc.  

V-Soft, is a leading provider of technical and business consultants in the Louisville area. V-Soft actively encourages its BAs to attend and participate in chapter meetings, adding to the knowledge and expertise of the group.